Chyron, BIM Partner in Promoting User-Generated Content for Broadcasters

Chyron Corp. plans to integrate its WAPSTR Mobile Video Suite with Broadcast Interactive Media’s YouNewsTV platform. Madison, Wis.-based BIM is a provider of locally focused Web solutions for broadcasters.

The partnership will enable YouNewsTV’s viewer-generated still and video content to be available to television stations for instant seamless on-air use, providing Web and television broadcast integration. The companies said integration of WAPSTR and the YouNewsTV platform will soon enter beta testing at a number of client sites over the next few months.

Since its launch in May this year, YouNewsTV has gone live in over 40 markets in the United States. Many TV stations are daily airing user-generated video through the use of YouNewsTV and manually moving materials from the Web site to play-out (see this example online).

“Cell phone cameras have become vital tools for ‘Citizen Journalism,’ and Web-based content sharing communities have emerged as the most important new media market,” Bill Hendler, Chyron’s chief technology officer said. “The combination of Chyron’s WAPSTR and YouNewsTV will offer Broadcasters an unparalleled opportunity to integrate Web based user content into their existing on-air workflow.”