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Christie Picks New CTO

KITCHENER, Ontario - Christie has announced the placement of Dr. Paul Salvini as the firm’s new chief technology officer. He will report directly to President and COO Gerry Remers.

Salvini’s role will include guiding the visual technologies company’s software and systems design efforts, including seeking out new concepts and technologies designed to benefit the customer base.

Salvini is succeeding Bob Rushby, Christie’s long-time CTO and vice president of research and development. Rushby retired this past February.

Formerly the CTO at Side Effects Software, Salvini led teams of engineers and developers to create advanced visualization, simulation and display technologies. His teams worked with 3D animation for Hollywood film studios and helped visualize complex data sets for defence and academic institutions.

Dr. Salvini serves on numerous boards relating to digital media research, is an adjunct professor of engineering and KMDI Senior Research Fellow at the University of Toronto and is president of the University of Waterloo Alumni Council.