China's CCTV6 deploys Omneon Spectrum for SD/HD channels

Beijing broadcaster CCTV6 is relying on an Omneon Spectrum media server system for ingest and playout of five SD channels and one HD channel at its new facility. CCTV6 is a regional affiliate of CCTV, the major Chinese Mandarin-language network, and broadcasts internationally and locally produced movies and movie-related news and programs.

At CCTV6, four Spectrum media server systems provide redundant support for five SD channels, and three additional Spectrum systems support ingest and playout for one HD channel. The Omneon systems at CCTV6 interface with a Dayang media asset management system, which enables the FTP transfer of film clips to the server. Playout for the SD channels is managed by Founder's Wuyou Automation Software, and playout for the HD channel is managed by Dayang D3-Air automation software, both used widely by provincial TV stations across China.

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