Chilean HD broadcast facility deploys Snell Kahuna switcher

Canal 13 has launched one of Chile’s first HD broadcasting facilities with a Snell Kahuna SD/HD multiformat production switcher at the center of its production control room. The installation at Canal 13’s Santiago facility enables the broadcaster to mix content seamlessly from SD sources into its HD programming.

The Kahuna installation is part of a plan to make Canal 13 completely digital and tapeless by 2010. Canal 13 now has full HD production capabilities for its new service, but it will continue to rely on material from SD sources as well.

Kahuna’s FormatFusion technology gives Canal 13 the ability to integrate any SD material, such as camera feeds or archives, into the HD broadcast without having to purchase expensive conversion equipment. In addition, Kahuna’s IMPAKT 3D DVE suite enables the broadcaster to incorporate 3D effects and transitions into productions.