Chicago’s Columbia College wires remote HD truck with Gepco

Columbia College Chicago’s School of Media Arts has built a new HD mobile production truck with a full complement of Gepco audio and video cabling. The new truck is being used not only as an educational tool but also by WLS-DT, the local ABC affiliate.

The remote truck (designed by Mason and Brett Johnson, chief engineer for the Audio Arts and Acoustics Department, along with other staff members) can produce 720p HD content with 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. Onboard equipment includes a Ross Vision HD switcher, four Panasonic HD cameras, two Panasonic DVC Pro decks, two DVCAM decks and a Nuendo 24-track audio digital recorder.

Cables used on the truck include: VS10230 miniature HD coax snake, GA72412GFC GEP-FLEX 24-gage multi-pair, RGBS250S miniature component video, VSD2001 HD coax, XB201M X-Band microphone, VS32001 HD coax snake, VDM260 ultra-miniature HD coax, HDC920 SMPTE 311M hybrid fiber, DS624 110 Ohm 26-gage multi-pair, Cat 5E UTP, DS412 110 Ohm 24-gage multi-pair, DS408 110 Ohm 24-gage multi-pair, MP1201 quad-star microphone, and 72401EZ 24-gage single-pair.

In addition, Gepco supplied interconnect accessories such as a custom-made stainless steel HD I/O panel for the side of the truck, ADC and Switchcraft patchbays, and several Ovideon monitors.

WLS, the third largest ABC owned and operated station in the country, used the truck for 10 different events in 2008. Some of the school’s students recently used the truck for their own special production, “College Comedy Championships” at the ComedySportz Theater in Chicago. The truck is also used for the weekly student production “Musicians Studio” airing on the local public station WYCC Channel 20.

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