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Channel One doubles up on Euphonix System 5-B

Russia’s Channel One has installed two Euphonix System 5-B digital audio mixing systems in its new state-of-the-art broadcast complex located in the Ostankino Television Technical Center in Moscow. The facility is comprised of two identical studios featuring matching 56-fader, 130-channel System 5-B consoles in their fully redundant form with Euphonix modular I/O racks. Each news studio shares a common main studio to accommodate feeds from a large number of outside sources.

Channel One reaches 98.8 percent of Russia’s population, covering four time zones with 65 hours of news programs per week. Broadcasting since 1995, the network offers news, documentaries, talk shows, feature films, game shows and sports.

“After much high-level research, Channel One selected the Euphonix System 5-B for the new complex, because we feel it illustrates the technological sophistication of our facility,” said Anton Philippov, director deputy of information services for Channel One. “We chose the System 5-B because of its intuitive control surface, direct access to signal adjustment parameters and ease of operation. Moreover, the 100 percent redundancy of the DSP and router system makes the console irreplaceable for Channel One’s production needs.”

The Euphonix System 5-B is specifically designed with the high-end broadcaster in mind, and its DF66 DSP SuperCore acts as a failsafe to ensure seamless streaming audio in the event of a disruption. Lightweight and compact, the DF66 is the primary signal processing engine and router for System 5 and is comprised of a system board and up to six plug-in DSP cards.

The new Channel One news facility opened in March and features advanced server technology with equipment from Thomson, EVS and Hewlett-Packard, among others. Spearheading the transition of the renovated news facilities was Russian systems integrator and professional broadcast systems supplier Okno TV. Okno TV designed a migration plan that digitalized the entire news production process and built an efficient, seamless digital workflow based on the new Euphonix consoles.

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