CES Issues Call for Conference Speakers

The International CES is looking for conference speakers for CES2008 in Las Vegas, Jan. 7-10, 2008.

CES, which bills itself as the world’s largest consumer technology trade show, will feature more than 175 sessions and expects more than 140,000 attendees from over 140 countries at next year’s event. Proposals are due July 13, 2007 and can be submitted online at www.CESweb.org/attendees/conferences/default.asp. Due to the number of sessions and the need for a balanced program, a limited number of presenters will be accepted. All proposals will be based on industry representation, professionalism, prior public speaking experience and relevance to session topics.

Speakers will be required to prepare and reproduce presentation materials, including handouts or related materials. Show management will work with speakers on all logistical, operational and promotional aspects of the session. All related hotel and travel expenses are the responsibility of the presenter.

Proposed presenters will be notified of acceptance status by the end of September.

Topics will include:

  • IPTV: The Television of Tomorrow
  • Preparing for the Analog Shutoff
  • The New Definition of TV
  • Home Theater in 3D
  • Home Entertainment and the Home PC
  • Back on the Air: Mobile TV
  • The Drive for Gaming in 2007
  • Installation: Is if For the Average Joe?
  • The Golden Age of Digital Imaging
  • Bringing Automation Home
  • Accessory to Success: The Power of Add-Ons
  • Innovation Through Design
  • World of Wireless
  • The High-End Audio Demo in an iPod World
  • Downloading and Streaming HD over the Air
  • Home Video’s Future
  • Mobile on the Move: What’s in Store for Car Electronics?
  • Market Navigation for the Navigation Market
  • What’s This Button do? Ease-of-Use and the Consumer
  • The True Cost of DRM: What Can’t We Do Now?
  • The New Face of America’s Elections
  • Taking the Blogosphere Seriously
  • Keeping CE off the Curb Through E-Cycling
  • Tech’s Greener Pastures
  • Finding Private Equity
  • The Power of Social Networking
  • Making Room for the Boom: CE for Aging Consumers
  • Mobile TV: Looks Great. How Do You Sell It?
  • The Top 10 Technologies You Never Heard Of
  • Finding the Right Bandwidth
  • Display Trends: What’s Next?