CES 2021: Reasonance Demos Wireless TV Model

Reasonance Wireless TV
(Image credit: Reasonace)

WASHINGTON—Reasonance is hoping to put another layer to the idea of cord-cutting after it demonstrated a prototype for its entirely wireless TV set at CES 2021.

During the virtual CES conference, Reasonance provided a demonstration of a 40-inch TV that uses “advanced magnetic resonance” to power the unit instead of traditional plug-in cables. It does so with a transmitting coil and receiving coil that can transfer electricity in the air, the company says.

Reasonacne says that the transmitting coil can be installed in a wall or table, while the receiving coil can be built into the TV. The coils are said to have a transfer distance of about 20 inches. The company claims that its wireless TV is 80-90% more cost effective and works with TVs that use up to 120W.

Anton Vishnevsky recorded a video briefly explaining Reasonance’s wireless TV model, which can be watched below.

The idea of wireless TVs is not entirely new. As Reasonance notes in its announcement, Samsung had planned to demonstrate a wireless TV at CES 2020, but they cancelled their plans.