CEA Announces New HDTV Promotion Efforts

An expanded HDTV promotional committee as well as a new HDTV print brochure that will be available to retail customers were among the new HDTV promotional announcements from the Consumer Electronics Association this week.

The association, which represents manufacturers of HDTV consumer gear, said that its "HDTV Subdivision" now includes all major broadcast, cable and satellite HDTV networks, including ABC, CBS, Discovery, ESPN and NBC as well as retail, cable and satellite companies, such as Best Buy, Tweeter, Comcast Cable, Cox Communications and DirecTV. The "Subdivision" was formed in 2001 to coordinate and promote the transition from analog to digital TV. A total of 76 companies are now part of the subdivision, according to CEA.

The subdivision was created as "a place for anyone and everyone to come together to ideally create joint programs and to talk in a non-confrontational environment to move the DTV transition forward," says CEA spokesman Jeff Joseph.

The subdivision is also sponsoring a series of "HDTV Updates" this fall in numerous cities around the country.

The CEA is also publishing several new brochures to promote HDTV to consumers and help retailers sell the technology. A 14 page guide "A Consumer's Guide to the Wonderful World of HDTV" provides basic facts about the DTV transition and HDTV technology and will be available to DTV leaders at industry events, HDTV Updates and through direct mailings. The guide will be available for retailers to customize via electronic downloads from CEA's Web site at www.ce.org/hdtv.

CEA is also publishing a pocket-sized "tip sheet" for sales associates to help them answer customer's questions about HDTV on the sales floor.