CEA and CNET launch online consumer buying guides for digital television

To help consumers navigate the new features and options made available by digital television, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and CNET have joined forces to produce interactive MyCEknowhow Buying Guides. The guides are designed to introduce consumers to digital television (DTV) and to ease confusion about the technology before shoppers even enter the store.

The DTV Buying Guide is the latest addition to the MyCEknowhow Buying Guide series, which already includes modules on digital imaging and MP3 players. The guides are highly interactive and rich in Flash media. In addition to researching products, consumers can print out PDF summaries that serve as a checklist they can take into the store. As with all the MyCEknowhow Buying Guides, the DTV module is brand-neutral and helps consumers weigh all the options and select the set that best meets their needs. By year's end, MyCEknowhow Buying Guides will also be available for audio and wireless products.

The buying guides on MyCEknowhow.com are developed in partnership with CNET, a popular consumer Web site that helps people buy and use technology through unbiased product reviews, real-time pricing and interactive how-to content. CEA hopes to educate buyers, ease consumer confusion about technology and lessen product returns by providing comprehensive information in an understandable and entertaining format.

MyCEknowhow Buying Guides can be found at www.myceknowhow.comwww.antennaweb.org helps identify the best antenna for their geographic location www.techhome.com provides links to local installers.

CEA's resources are available online at www.ce.org.