CBS to Offer Addressable Ads on Broadcast TV

(Image credit: ViacomCBS)

NEW YORK—CBS plans to bring addressable advertising to broadcast TV in the second half of 2021, according to a report from Variety.

CBS Chief Operating Officer John Halley told Variety in an interview that CBS intends to make technology available that will let advertisers buy addressable commercials, sending them only to particular subsets of the network’s viewing audience.

Addressable ads have been a point of focus for advertisers over the last few years, particularly on digital, cable and streaming.

The new technology ads that CBS is touting will reportedly surface on screen when the network runs promos for its own shows. ViacomCBS even intends to send out promos of its own programming with addressable technology.

TV Tech has reached out to ViacomCBS for confirmation. For more information, read the original Variety report