Caso Taps Litepanels for ‘The Defenders’

Alan Caso adjusts a Litepanels unit on the set of “The Defenders.”
Cinematographer Alan Caso ASC has chosen Litepanels for his new series, “The Defenders,” a CBS one-hour drama that centers on the personal and professional lives of two very different Las Vegas Lawyers. Caso was also the cinematographer for other series such as “Lie to Me,” “Big Love” and “Trauma.”

“I’ve been using Litepanels for about four years now,” says Caso. “They are small, compact, and have a lot of punch. They fit into places that other lights of equivalent luminance can’t fit. I have two 1x1 panels and two bricks on ‘The Defenders,’ and they are working all the time.”

Since its set in Vegas, Caso and company may be shooting flamboyant locations with a lot of flash, but he said he is always in need of that extra kick or flattering light. “That’s where Litepanels are so important,” he says. “I can get a soft source out of small corners or inside a car. Litepanels are always my saving grace.

“I remember when we were shooting “Trauma” and we were often in a green screen process helicopter sequences,” he recalls. “Litepanels fit easily in those hard-to-fit areas in the helicopter to provide small source lighting. It worked quite well.”