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Canopus to unveil real-time HD editing solution

Canopus' EDIUS HD

Canopus will unveil the EDIUS HD, a real-time turnkey HD editing solution, at NAB2004 in Las Vegas.

EDIUS HD includes an HD-SDI card and the new EDIUS Pro video editing software to deliver real-time HD capabilities, mixed SD and HD editing on the timeline and Canopus’s advanced HD codec technology for high-quality video output.

Canopus will also debut MediaEdge2, the latest version of its video distribution system with MPEG-4 support, as well as Imaginate 2.0 still-image animation software that features multiple image support, soundtrack capabilities and a host of productivity tools to streamline production.

MediaEdge2, now with MPEG-4 support, is a video distribution system that uses the company's MPEG compression technology to deliver professional-level video over LAN-based networks. By supporting video-on-demand, live broadcast, streaming media applications and pre-programmed playback, MediaEdge2 is designed for high-quality video distribution in retail stores, schools, corporations, airports, museums and theaters.

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