Cameron|Pace, ESPN 3D Win Sports Emmy for Winter X Games 16

BURBANK, CALIF. -- Cameron | Pace Group announced that it has won a Sports Emmy Award with ESPN 3D for coverage of the 2012 Winter X Games 16. ESPN 3D and Cameron | Pace Group captured the award for Outstanding Technical Team Remote for its 3D broadcast from Aspen, Colo. The award was announced Tuesday, May 7, at the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 34th Annual Sports Emmy Awards in New York City.

“We’re very excited to once again be part of a great team that integrates innovation with production, ” said Vince Pace, CPG ’s co-founder and co-chair. “Working with broadcast partners like ESPN gives us the opportunity to apply our Fusion 3D technology to exciting projects like the Winter X Games. Congratulations to all involved. ”

This year ’s Sports Emmy marks the latest chapter in NATAS ’s recognition of CPG’s 3D broadcast expertise. In 2011, CPG earned the George Wensel Technical Achievement Award for coverage of the 2010 U.S. Open Tennis Championship. CPG also received a Sports Emmy in 2012 for its broadcast of Winter X Games 15.

The 2012 Winter X Games required the deployment of 34 camera systems in six different event locations, some at altitudes higher than 9,000 feet. Five different rig variations, ranging from handhelds to robotic cameras, were used to capture the action.

CPG’s broadcast solutions for Winter X Games 16 built on the company's leadership in producing the technology and methodologies necessary to make integrated 2D and 3D (known as 5D) productions attractive and scalable options for mainstream broadcasts. To accomplish this, CPG has developed products that embed 3D functionality into existing 2D production models without sacrificing flexibility or mobility.

CPG had earned nominations at the 34th Sports Emmy Awards for its work on both the Winter X Games and the 2012 PGA Masters Golf Tournament, a joint production between CBS and ESPN 3D.