Cameras at the 2012 NAB Show

Camera manufacturers used the 2012 NAB Show to introduce 4K cinema-resolution cameras, along with more video-enabled DSLRs.

ARRI showed a pair of Alexa 4K digital cameras: the Alexa Studio, designed to combine a high-performance digital camera with traditional features of film cameras, and the lightweight, smaller form-factor Alexa M.

Blackmagic Design debuted its Cinema Camera, sporting a 2.5K image sensor with 13 stops of dynamic range and a built-in SSD recorder that can record in uncompressed RAW and compressed file formats. It mounts EF and ZE mount lenses, and features anLCD touchscreen monitor on the rear.

Ruben Centineo of TV Azteca in Mexico gets a feel for the Ikegami HDK-97C camera in its studio/sports configuration.

CameraCorps unveiled its Q-Ball Pre-Set, the latest version of its Q-Ball compact, remotely controlled pan/tilt/zoom HD/SD camera system. It allows 18 shot settings to be stored prior to a live or real-time recorded shoot.

Canon introduced its Cinema EOS C500, a 4K single-sensor camera, capable of originating 4096x2160-pixel resolution digital motion imagery with uncompressed RAW output for external recording. The camera is available with either an EF or PL lens mount.

HitachiKokusai Electric America introduced its SK-HD1500 HDTV high-speed camera system, which provides up to 180fps imaging for slow-motion replay. It has the form factor and all the features of Hitachi’s SK-HD1000 series cameras and can be used for live game action while capturing the higher frame rate.

Indiecam GmbH unveiled the IndieGS2K, a miniature CMOS global shutter camera incorporating a high-grade 2/3-inch CMOS imager to deliver up to 60 frames of 2K footage in 10-bit uncompressed and 12-bit RAW. The camera has a C-mount with adjustable back-focus that allows the choice of a wide range of high-resolution lenses.

Ikegami introduced its Unicam HD camera line with 3G SDI and multiformat HD performance. The HDK-97A 16-bit portable HD companion-camera and the HDK-97C 3G field production camera support 1080i/720p, and 3G signals, such as 1080/60p 4:2:2 and 1080/60i 4:4:4.

Joe Facchini of Panasonic unveils the company's AG-HPX600 camcorder.

JVC launched its GY-HM650 ProHD handheld mobile news camera, which can record full HD files on one memory card while simultaneously creating smaller, Web-friendly files on a second card. JVC also showed its GY-HMQ10U 4K handheld camcorder, utilizing a 1/2-inch CMOS imager with 8.3 million active pixels.

Panasonic showed a 4K Varicam concept camera, providing few details, but seeking feedback from end-users. The company did lay out a workflow for the camera, which will record with AVC-Ultra 4:4:4. Panasonic also introduced the AG-HPX600 P2 HD camcorder, and the MicroP2 card series.

Sony showed its F65 8K camera, with the announcement that the company has delivered over 100 units with a large backlog of orders. New this year is the NEX-FS700, capable of slow motion up to 240fps at full resolution on a Super 35mm sensor. Coming is 4K capability with firmware upgrade and recorder.


For-A introduced its VFC-7000 HD Variable Frame Rate (Super Slow Motion) Camera, providing full 1280x720 imaging at up to 700 fps. It features a high-speed shutter operable at up to 1/200,000 of a second to reduce blur from fast-moving subjects.

I-MOVIX showed its X10 live ultra-motion system, which allows a live, on-going scene to be delivered in full HD resolution at a 10-times slow-motion factor. The I-MOVIX camera is interfaced with an EVS XT3 production server, which can provide up to 8 hours of continuous slow-motion playback.

Jody Eldred of Sony points the company's new NEX-FS700 camera at tango dancers in the Sony booth.

P+STechnik showcased its PS-CAM X35 all-purpose motion-effect camera, designed for normal frame rates and slow motion up to 450fps. It can provide fast-motion, slow-motion and ramped-motion image capture in full HD. Output is via two HD-SDI ports, switchable between 1.5G and 3G.

VisionResearch introduced its Phantom v642 digital high-speed camera, an ultraslow-motion camera that uses the company’s Advanced Multi-Matrix Color Correction Technology to accurately color match regular speed broadcast cameras using. It can provide 90x slow-motion HD images.

Weisscam presented its T-1 camera, with the ability to exchange 16mm sensor platforms, which allows owners to upgrade the camera as new sensors become available. The T-1 provides normal and high-speed frame-rates and uncompressed output in HD and RAW. It is compatible with 16mm film lenses.


3ality Technica showcased IntelleCal, a self-calibrating geometry harmonizer that automatically aligns tow cameras on a 3D system at the push of a button.

Meduza Systems showed a deliverable TITAN, its self-contained 3D camera incorporating two 1080p CMOS sensors. The TITAN can now be controlled with 3ality Technica’sHand Controller.