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Burst integrates new gear for TCU communications school

Texas Christian University’s (TCU) communications school recently completed a six-month project with Denver-based systems integrator Burst Video to redesign and install new cameras and control room equipment.

The goals of the installation were to give TCU students the ability to produce their own mini-newscasts for the Web and to enable students to hone their on-camera performance, news writing and technical production skills.

The studio was equipped with two Sony PMW-EX3 cameras because of their convenient remote controls, interchangeable lens options and multicamera operation capabilities. The control room was built around the Sony MFS-2000 switcher and Sony FWD-S47H1 display monitors. TCU chose the MFS-2000 switcher because of its compact size and its ability to operate in both HD and SD formats, a necessity as they continue a migration path to HD broadcasting.

This month TCU has begun to tear down its existing football stadium and, with help from Burst, rebuild a new high-tech sports stadium, including HD scoreboards. The school’s Sony SD cameras that are currently used to feed the scoreboard will be replaced with HD cameras so TCU fans will be able to experience the same HD viewing experience they get at home on the football game scoreboards.