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Philips Unveils Next-Gen Nexperia for LCD

Royal Philips Electronics (opens in new tab) now offers two new upgrades of its Nexperia semi-conductor system designed primarily for two purposes--to enhance the quality of LCD video and to reduce time-to-market for next-generation HD and SD sets.

Philips' TV810 reference design is targeted mostly to mid- and high-end LCD flat-screens, both for analog and DTV units. The Nexperia PNX5050 is a system that's designed to allow "judder-free, natural motion" to HD content.

The system integrates motion-compensated de-interlacing with HD movie-judder cancellation that strives to increase clarity in fast-moving HD images--especially film content originating from 24 fps--"by estimating the motion of moving images and updating the data with additional information to produce the effect of clean, natural motion," Philips said in a statement. The PNX5050 also will incorporate PIP technology, JPEG browsing and MP3 music processing.

The TV810 is an integrated analog/digital hybrid system that includes multi-format audio/video decoding and rendering. Philips is commercially available to manufacturers entering the digital market who want to maintain backward compatibility, according to the company.