Broadcast Sports Lands CBS Golf Contract With MRC Equipment

Microwave Radio Communications (MRC) announced that Broadcast Sports Incorporated (BSI) has won the contract for all CBS Golf throughout 2007 and beyond in a multi-year deal. The contract was won using Link HD Wireless Camera Transmit Systems provided by MRC.

"Throughout 2006 competition between the top HD microwave competitors for the opportunity to provide coverage for the CBS Golf Broadcasts has been intense to say the least," quoted David Emma, MRC's VP of Sales. "In the end, it was MRC incorporating the LINK HD camera system that won out. The performance factors that tipped the scales to MRC were overall HD video encoder quality, robustness of coverage, video/audio latency and prime power consumption, all of which were in favor of MRC," Emma added.

The final "shoot-out" was held at the Medina Country Club in August. The fierce competition came to a conclusion soon after in a more controlled environment with extended tests held at the CBS labs in New York City. In the end Broadcast Sports came out on top. In the lab all key performance parameters were retested including end-to-end video latency, which also played a key role in the final decision. The Link system achieves the lowest end-to-end HD encode/decode latency currently available in the industry ~50ms.

"CBS holds high standards for their sports production and we are happy for the opportunity to supply equipment into this highly demanding application," said Tony Finizio, President of MRC.

BSI will be using the Link HD Systems to broadcast live HD footage for CBS Golf as well as other sporting events in 2007. There will be a range of 6 to 14 Link HD Transmit Systems used at each of the 20+ U.S.-based PGA Tour Events.

BSI has future plans to use MRC equipment for NASCAR Events in 2007. For NASCAR, BSI will be using up to 10 Link HD Systems as well as an HD Helicopter Video Downlink. BSI is an innovator in the auto racing industry by providing on-board camera coverage.

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