Broadcast Pix unveils HD Slate switchers

Broadcast Pix has introduced several HD versions of its Slate integrated production switchers, which enable a single operator to create live HD productions at a fraction of the cost of traditional studio set ups. The first switcher is being used at the Sundance Film Festival.

The new switchers offer a file-based architecture that helps streamline live production, giving a single operator unlimited access to a fully integrated video switcher, CG, clip store, still store and monitors.

Each of the three new Slate HD models (Slate 100, 1000 and 3000) includes: a switcher with up to six keyers and DVEs; multiview monitoring; a Harris Inscriber CG; and a clip store. Each HD switcher also supports 1080i, 720p, SD, DVI and VGA digital signals, as well as analog output in composite, Y/C and component. Options include: HD and SD analog inputs and 1080p output. Both 16:9 and 4:3 content can be mixed while preserving the native aspect ratio of each element.

The basic Slate 100 HD offers the full spectrum of production tools, including a new custom keyboard. The Slate 1000 HD adds a professional switcher control panel, while the Slate 3000 HD adds a router manufactured for Broadcast Pix by Harris that provides up to 18 live inputs and redundancy. A Slate 3000 SD switcher was also announced. All existing Slate SD installations can be upgraded to Slate HD.

Users can link two switchers to a common router by adding a Slate 1000 to a Slate 3000 to lower cost, improve sharing and simplify wiring. There’s also new software that features the ability to perform alpha wipes with audio, support four LCD multiview monitors, playout of MPEG-2 clips, and frame-accurate control of Harris NEXIO video servers.

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