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Media 100 Adds New Codec to 10-Bit Uncompressed HD-SD Editor

Media 100 has released its Media 100 HD 10.1, which expands upon Version 10 to include a new software codec and other enhancements that make the 10-bit-uncompressed Mac-based system more powerful and effectively flexible for projects that use HD, SD or real-time mixing of different codecs in the same timeline.

Media 100 HD was designed to help fill the gap for editors who have to go back and forth between HD and SD and need total control over both. As part of the new software codec, the HD 10.1 upgrade includes Adobe After Effects and other third-party packages to render out QuickTime movies to drop into a Media 100 HD project and begin editing. The 10.1 version also provides hardware to play any QuickTime movie on NTSC, PAL or HD monitors while still working inside After Effects or related applications. And it allows HD playback effects using a draft mode for capturing or viewing HD.