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Leitch to Bundle Ciprico Systems with VelocityHD Editing Suite

Leitch Technology is planning to bundle Ciprico's Huge Systems MediaVault U320RX and U320S Dual Max storage arrays with the turnkey configurations of Leitch's own VelocityHD non-linear editing system. The North American-configured edit system and MediaVault will be able to process two simultaneous streams of uncompressed 10-bit HD video content with effects, at frame sizes/rates up to 1080i/59.94--or up to eight uncompressed SD video streams simultaneously.

This level of performance would allow video editors to add effects and edit content online in real-time without having to wait for rendering, to improve workflow efficiency, according to Ciprico. It would also allow editors to better focus on content production, rather than on post-production processing. VelocityHD offers full-bandwidth HD playback of two video streams, two dynamic graphics streams, and optional real-time 3D DVE (digital video effects). Its SD editing performance features real-time playback and mixing of multiple SD video and graphics streams, and the HD-SD flexibility is designed to make VelocityHD suitable for transition to total HD, if desired.