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BrightDrive to exhibit new G2 recording system at NAB

Bright Systems, a developer of disk recording and data infrastructure technology, will debut its BrightDrive G2 file-based recording system at NAB.

BrightDrive G2 is compatible with all leading file-based media applications and file formats, and supports a variety of workflows including commercials, animation, DI, dailies and VFX. Efficiency gains made with the new BrightClip Accelerator API are now supported by many of the industry’s post applications from companies like Digital Film Technologies, da Vinci, LaserGraphics, FilmLight and ARRI.

BrightClip permanently overcomes the limitations of IT-oriented approaches such as NAS and SAN where media files become naturally “randomized” during the course of normal production operations. This randomization causes erratic and degrading system performance, frequently bringing projects to a standstill.

The new technology delivers benefits and workflow efficiencies by eliminating the need for localized storage and eradicating lengthy and unpredictable performance maintenance routines required to restore production-quality operations.