Telemundo Goes HD For Soaps

Spanish-speaking Telemundo's first telenovela (soap opera) produced in HD premiered on the U.S. cable network on March 15. "The Law of Silence" ("La ley del silencio") an original production made in partnership with Fremantle Media Latin America, is being taped in Dallas, which is a first for a Telemundo series.

HD location shooting is occurring throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth region but primarily focuses (literally) on the real neighborhood of Oak Cliff--fictionally known as el barrio del silencio, the "neighborhood of silence"--in the show. Dallas residents are part of the 120-member cast and crew, mostly used as extras, according to the Sun-Sentinel of South Florida.

Two HD camera crews are shooting the 120-episode production. (No technical product details available yet.) "La ley del silencio" airs at 10 p.m. (EST) weeknights on Telemundo, which is part of the NBC family of networks. HD taping continues in Dallas until May.