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Brazil’s IAV builds HD OB van based on Grass Valley technology

To meet growing demand for HD entertainment and sports programming, video production company Inter Ação Video (IAV) in São Paulo, Brazil, is building a new HD-capable OB van with a full complement of Grass Valley production technologies, systems and integration services.

Set to hit the road in May, IAV’s new van will use Grass Valley’s LDK 3000 camera system. IAV has acquired 11 Grass Valley LDK 3000 HD cameras, a Kayak HD video production switcher, a Concerto Series HD video router under control of Encore software and several modules from the Grass Valley GeckoFlex family of signal-processing products. The cameras will be fitted with Canon HD lenses.

IAV already uses several Grass Valley production switchers, including the Kayak HD 300 and Kayak DD-1, in its existing OB vans and production studios.