Brazil: ESPN Kicks Off First HD All-Sports Channel

Brazil already has lots of channels with some sports, and even some HD channels with sports now and then—but ESPN just gave the huge, Portuguese-speaking nation its first HD channel that airs nothing but sports 24/7. To no one's surprise, the new service is dubbed ESPN HD Brazil.

The HD channel is being beamed from space on Sky, the country's satellite TV operator owned by Rupert Murdoch (and serves most of Europe, as well, where it's also known as BSkyB), and is part of a new 10-channel package of sports and other genres, albeit not all of them in HD.

ESPN HD Brazil, for its part, says it plans extensive live coverage of sports events of particular interest to Brazilians, notably soccer ("football")—including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup, Spanish League, Italian League and MLS.

Other sports will be covered via NBA basketball, NFL football, Major League Baseball, and the X Games. The new HD channel also will include a special international version of "SportsCenter."