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Bosch Releases IRIS-Net V2.3.0

Bosch will reveal its latest release of IRIS-Net software at the NAB Show.

The IRIS-Net V2.3.0 provides a significant expansion of the Electro-Voice NetMax N8000 Digital Matrix Controller Task Engine by adding a variety of new logic blocks, including delay, timer and debounce, as well as newly added functions for control of RCM-810 modules. Additionally, the inclusion of the RCM-810 functions allows a user to configure the GPIs and GPOs of the RCM-810 module to interact with the logic functions of the NetMax Task Engine. This provides the ability to expand the existing GPI/O ports on the N8000 hardware for remote digital control interface.

Another addition is the inclusion of a new speaker protection algorithm for RCM-26 and Tour Grade Series amplifiers. The Thermal Energy Protection and Management Limiter (or TEMP Limiter) is an advanced DSP algorithm that is able to calculate and track the voicecoil temperature and apply specific gain reduction as needed to maintain the temperature of the components within safe margins. The TEMP Limiter actually works with the specific characteristics of the transducers it is driving, based on a behavior model derived from specific transducer characteristics and parameters measured and created by Electro-Voice loudspeaker engineering.

Bosch will be at Booth C4337.