New Sony XDCAM Camcorders Employed on Campaign Trail

Sony reports that its new XDCAM camcorders, the PDW-700 and the EX PMW-EX1, were used in the HD production of Dan Rather’s run-up coverage of the April 22 Pennsylvania primary. Videographer Dennis Dillon and crew used the Sony gear to capture footage of the primary for “Dan Rather Reports,” which was scheduled to air on HDNet April 15.

The camcorders have different sized imagers, allowing for a variety of close and wide shots. Dillon said footage from both “cut together amazingly well.”

The footage for the show was shot over eight days by two crews equipped with each camcorder. The XDCAM files were loaded daily into the crew’s nonlinear editing system and shipped to New York for further editing, then shipped HDNet’s Denver facility via file transfer protocol.