Nebraska TV Pioneer Dies

One of Nebraska“s broadcasting pioneers passed away July 28 at the age of 82, according to the Omaha World-Herald. John G. “Jack” McBride died of complicates related to a recent surgery.

McBride launched KUON-TV from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln 54 years ago, making the state among the first to build a broadcast network devoted to education. The system now has nine TV transmitters in as many cities of license, plus 14 translators across the state. It also comprises the state“s educational radio network. In 1990, Nebraska“s became the first state-owned network to lease a full-time satellite transponder specifically for educational programming. Today, Nebraska Educational Telecommunications has 303 digital downlinks across the state and 200 more across the country.

McBride was also active as a public TV consultant, helping to establish the Central Educational Network, the Public Television Outreadh Alliance, AG*SAT, the Native American Public Telecommunications and the Hispanic Educational Telecommunications Systems. He retired in 1996.

“Jack McBride was a truly remarkable man, who has left Nebraska a tremendous legacy,” said Rod Bates, NET general manager, in a statement. “Jack has brought great credit to himself, NET and the United States. He will be sorely missed.”