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BMI Donates to Broadcasters Fund

NEW YORK: The board of directors for BMI has voted to make donations to the Broadcasters Foundation of America in the name of deceased former board members. The action is expected to become a tradition. 

The initial donations, $10,000 each, will be made in the names of Frank Melton and Don Thurston. Melton passed away in May of 2009, and Thurston in October. 

BMI collects license fees on behalf of songwriters, composers and music publishers for music used in broadcasting. 

BMI Board Chairman Jack Sander said, “Don and Frank made significant contributions to both the creative and finance aspects of BMI’s business, and played an important role in guiding BMI to its current position of leadership in the world of music copyright. These gifts in their names permit us to extend their legacy of service by enabling the Broadcasters Foundation to assist broadcast professionals in their hour of need.” 

The Broadcasters Foundation of America is dedicated to helping broadcasters who find themselves in need. -- From Radio World