Bluefish444 certifies Enhance Technology’s RS8 SS SAS RAID storage system

Enhance Technology has announced the certification of its RS8 SS professional SAS RAID storage system, using Bluefish444’s Symmetry and Adobe Premiere Pro for general editing, capturing, compositing, rendering and exporting to tape of HD uncompressed video.

The UltraStor RS8 SS is certified for use in data-intensive digital media applications, such as post production, HDTV broadcast, 2K film, 3-D digital cinema, nearline video editing and broadcasting.

After an intensive testing and qualification process by Bluefish444 engineers, the RS8 SS delivered performance, stability and flexibility typical of projects done by Bluefish444 users.

The UltraStor RS8 SS is designed to work with both high-reliability SAS disks and high-capacity SATA disks and is capable of dynamic storage expansion to four times more than enterprise RS16 JS JBOD storage subsystems for a total of 120TB of storage capacity.