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LIN TV Expects Showdown with Time Warner

LIN TV said the shot-clock is running out talks with Time Warner over retransmission consent. The Providence, R.I., TV station group said it has been unable to reach an agreement with Time Warner since negotiations began in July. The current contract between the two ends Oct. 2. LIN TV said in a statement that it seeks carriage for both the analog and HD signals of its stations.

“LIN TV expects Time Warner to discontinue carriage of its television stations when the contract expires on Oct. 2, 2008,” the statement read.

Fifteen LIN TV-owned local stations are currently carried by Time Warner in the following markets: Austin, Texas; Buffalo, N.Y.; Columbus, Toledo and Dayton, Ohio; Ft. Wayne and Terre Haute, Ind.; Green Bay, Wis.; Indianapolis; Mobile, Ala.; Springfield, Mass.

LIN TV President and Chief Executive Officer Vincent Sadusky said the group hoped to reach a deal before the current contract expired. However, if none is reached, LIN noted that viewers would be directed to either Dish Network, with which it has a marketing agreement, or Verizon“s FiOS fiber-optic television service.