L.A.“s HD Cable Choice Bemoaned

In what may represent an opportunity for Los Angeles TV stations, the local cable provider is said to carry fewer HD channels than carriers in other major metro markets. According to The Los Angeles Times, Time Warner cable can“t build out its systems fast enough to accommodate more hi-def channels. TWC is said to have 1.9 million subscribers in Southern California. In Los Angeles alone, an estimated 1.5 million households have HDTV sets. TWC offers 16 hi-def channels in Los Angeles, while subs in San Antonio, Texas get 38, the Times reports.

Cox Communications, which has a footprint in South Orange County, offers 36 HD channels there. Charter ponies up 21 in Long Beach and 20 farther inland.

The article mentions people migrating to satellite over dissatisfaction with Time Warner“s HD channel package, but it says nothing about the availability of several free HD channels over the air.