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Black Box Extends ‘HD View’ with HDMI Repeater

Black Box, a technical services company, has rolled out a new system that works with a transmitter to distribute HD video/audio content more than 650 feet in “cascaded multi-screen applications,” it said. The HD View HDMI Repeater was designed to solve the challenges sometimes confronting engineers when faced with distributing HD over long distances.

The system primarily will be used for digital signage applications.

According to Black Box, which is based in Lawrence, Pa., the typical longest distance for regular HDMI cable is about 16 feet (depending on the cable itself and the HD technology being used).

Besides digital signage, the firm said its new HD View distribution system will be marketed for use as a training aid, and can be used for extending HD content to both LCD and plasma screens. Black Box said it currently serves 175,000 clients in 141 countries.