Bittree debuts micro patchbays

Bittree is now shipping its new Micro-Video Patchbay, which provides high input/output density (2 x 48) in either a 1RU or 1.5RU frame. Now shipping, the high-bandwidth Micro-Video Patchbay is ideal for use in mobile production, outside broadcast (OB) vans, and other space- and weight-limited video production applications.

The new video patchbays support 3Gb/s and 3-D productions, HD/SDI, SD/SDI, AES and high-resolution computer graphics. With a new rear lacing bar and industry-standard DIN 1.0/2.3 rear terminations, the Micro-Video Patchbay makes it easy to install, organize and remove wiring. The product's unique design additionally features the ability to recess the front panel to prevent cord protrusion, further conserving space and ensuring reliable connections.

The Micro-Video Patchbay’s jacks conform to SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 424 standards and are isolated from the front panel, with a front-mounting screw for easy maintenance. Engineered for use even in extreme environmental conditions, each patchbay is built to high-quality specifications from solid, powder-coated aluminum. The system is available in four different configurations, with dual self-normalizing terminated jacks, dual self-normalizing nonterminated jacks, dual non-normalizing terminated jacks, or dual non-normalizing, nonterminated jacks.