Bitcentral Endorses Maximum Throughput’s MAXedit Software

Bitcentral has bestowed its blessing on the MAXedit Server Edition editing software package from Maximum Throughput.

MAXedit Server Edition

The company views the utility as a way to increase newsroom productivity, while cutting operating costs.

"For fast-paced, competitive news production, MAXedit Server is proving to be an editing solution that can fully support the needs of news production," said Fred Fourcher, Bitcentral president and CEO. "In the field, reporters can begin crafting their stories using the Web-based editing tools. And in the station, everyone on the news team can share and edit the same media, even while it is still being ingested, for the fastest, most streamlined path to air. We’re thrilled with the cost and operational benefits the Max-T products bring to our systems."

As its name implies, MAXedit is server-based and allows users to create a multi-seat editing configuration for both SD and HD content. The MAXedit tool set can be accessed by editors, reporters and producers, either locally or from field locations with a laptop computer.

Maximum Throughput is based in Montreal, Canada and develops software applications for preparation, editing, management and storage of media. Bitcentreal is headquartered in Irvine, Calif. and is a provider of turnkey news systems for broadcast customers.