BI Technologies offers custom potentiometer solutions

BI Technologies, a manufacturer of electronic components including panel and precision potentiometers, is now offering custom potentiometer solutions for pro audio applications. These quick turnaround potentiometers are being used extensively in a variety of applications due to superior rotational consistency. BI uses conductive plastic inks for increased stability, reliability and significantly increased duty cycle counts.

“Throughout the past year, we have been working closely with several world-renowned instrument designers and manufacturers in the development of both standard and custom devices,” said Alain Leon, product marketing manager for BI Technologies. “Not only do our prototypes ship in two to four weeks, but the design of our panel potentiometers provides significant life cycle advantages over comparable products.”

BI Technologies’ panel potentiometers for the pro audio market are available in sizes ranging from 9mm to just over 1in. A wide variety of designs are available for customization, including multiple gangs, center taps and A, B and C tapers. The panel potentiometers are available with plastic or metal shafts and feature power ratings of 0.03W-2W. Life cycles range from 30,000 to 2 million rotations.

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