Bexel ESS Installs Remote Cameras at Michigan State, Notre Dame

BURBANK, CALIF.—Bexel ESS is earning some extra credit with a few college sports programs by designing and installing remote camera systems for video capture during games and practices. Two recent installations of the Bexel systems include the Michigan State University football program and University of Notre Dame lacrosse teams.

Michigan State had Bexel install a second end zone camera in Spartan Stadium to aid in practice sessions and also to study movements of the team and its opponents during games. The stadium design required Bexel to create a custom pole to mount a single pan, tilt and zoom camera to clear the video ribbon board. The camera system is weatherproof and is connected via a single mode fiber to a patch panel for video and control, and features a custom-designed camera control case.

Two remote cameras were installed at Notre Dame’s lacrosse stadium by Bexel; it also designed and built a camera control system for the lacrosse teams. One camera is mounted on the top of the stadium wall for a sideline view via CAT6. The other is mounted on a pole in the end zone that is also utilized by the school’s football team; a fiber connection to the video control system is provided for this camera.

Bexel ESS, a division of Bexel Global Broadcast Solutions, designs and installs systems for permanent facilities, major events, live game production and enterprise markets.