Belo Preps For The Unexpected With Sundance Digital, Bti

San Antonio, TX--Controlling unscheduled on-air events in an automated environment has become a reality at KENS-TV, Belo Corp.’s CBS-affiliated station in San Antonio, TX. Thanks to a technology alliance between Sundance Digital and Business Technology Inc (Bti), a supplier of software solutions aimed at increasing operational efficiencies, KENS has a communication protocol capable of controlling the on-air delivery of a variety of emergency bulletins and breaking news information.
Bti’s Emergency Alert Attendant, a state-of-the-art automated process for instantly broadcasting emergency information, works in conjunction with Sundance Digital’s Titan Automation in KENS master control. Belo, one of the nation’s largest media companies, has tapped Sundance Digital to deploy automation solutions throughout its television group.
According to Robert C. Johnson, president of Sundance Digital, the protocol enables KENS to seamlessly access breaking announcements. "Throughout the broadcast day, we let Bti’s Attendant Solutions system know when the station is in and out of commercial," said Johnson. "With that knowledge, Bti’s system then knows how and when to integrate just-received emergency weather or Amber Alert information into program video. It also allows us to start, pause, resume, and stop various Bti presentations--like their news, school closings, and election tickers--depending on the daily programming mix. We are excited about the potential automation innovations this technology alliance can bring to both our client bases."
"This is yet another example of how different computer systems in the station, when allowed to communicate and share information with each other, can provide higher levels of automation and operational efficiency," said Bob Mathews, Bti's president and chief technology officer. "Wait till you see what we'll be doing together with promotional snipes later this year."
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