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Bell Canada to Deliver Exclusive CBC/Radio-Canada Coverage of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games

Bell Canada is pleased to announce its partnership with CBC/Radio-Canada to provide exclusive mobile video coverage of CBC/Radio-Canada's broadcast of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games to Bell Mobility customers.

"This is the first time Canadians can truly be part of the Olympic Games experience while mobile. With capable devices like the Samsung a920 and a variety of other handsets, we are changing the way Canadians will experience the 2006 Olympic Winter Games and beyond," said David Inns, Vice President, Marketing, Bell Mobility. "Instead of textual updates, we will bring CBC/Radio-Canada's coverage from the Olympic slopes and arenas to the palms of our customers' hands."

CBC/Radio-Canada will leverage a dedicated production team to create exclusive CBC Olympic Games content for Bell Mobility. This will enable new and existing mobility customers to show their support and keep up-to-date with Canadian Olympians while on-the-go.

Hourly CBC/Radio-Canada Olympic highlight packages will be available for viewing 18 times a day in English and 13 times a day in French to Bell Mobility subscribers, every day of the Games on the 1x and EVDO networks. With the benefits of Bell's EV-DO (Evolution Data Optimized) network, currently available in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal, Bell Mobility will stream CBC/Radio-Canada Olympic content at unprecedented download rates of up to 2.4 Mbps in 20 seconds or less. Additionally, Bell Mobility subscribers with MobiTV functionality will be able to view CBC/Radio-Canada broadcast coverage live on their phones.

"CBC/Radio-Canada's audiences are on the move, and we're moving with them. Including wireless video as part of our overall Olympic offering will ensure that Canadians can get up-to-the-minute Olympic content wherever they are," said Claude Galipeau, CBC's Executive Director of Digital Services and Business Development. "CBC/Radio-Canada is committed to reaching Canadians with the programming they want, when and where they want it and we are pleased to partner with Bell Canada on this exciting new platform."

Exclusive CBC/Radio-Canada Olympic coverage is available to Bell Mobility subscribers on the Samsung a920 and a variety of other handsets. Customers can subscribe to this coverage by purchasing Fuel Me bundles in-store or by calling customer service from their mobile phone at (*)611. Once the service is added to the customer account, the customer will automatically gain access to exclusive CBC Olympic content, Bell's complete mobile video clip offering, text messaging and MSN instant messenger.