Belgium’s Diginet monitors production feeds with Avitech multiviewers

Diginet, Outside Broadcast, one of Belgium’s premiere mobile production companies, is using Avitech multiviewers for the monitoring of multiple HD and SD video and audio signals during its live sports productions.

Outside Broadcast’s new HD Unit 14 truck is designed to help televise live sporting events, including the upcoming summer Olympics in China. It includes both SD and HD equipment, such as Avitech’s multviewers driving Neovo X-W19 displays, Sony cameras, a Thomson Grass Valley Kayak HD production switcher, an NVISION 3Gb router, EVS slo-mo servers and a Lawo MC266 digital audio console.

Avitech’s MCC-8004 series multiviewers are at the heart of the production rig and are used at the onboard slo-mo area, as the main video wall, as well as in the camera control and audio areas. They are configured for displaying four or eight sources per monitor.

Each Avitech MCC-8004U multiviewer module handles up to four auto-detect HD-SDI, SD-SDI / composite video inputs, and provides up to 1920 x 1200 output resolution. The Avitech systems support HD-SDI, SD-SDI and analog video sources with auto-detect capability, embedded audio monitoring, parallel and serial tally, low power consumption, as well as on-screen alarm indicators for video and audio status — all while maintaining the correct aspect ratio whether it be 4:3 or 16:9.

The Avitech modules provide a modular, “no single point of failure” design, which is important during the production of live events. They also can automatically detect and accept any type of input signal.

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