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DTV Reception Tested in High Sierras

Brian Dipert“s experience trying to pull in DTV signals over the air may be an object lesson to broadcasters and legislators alike about what may happen Feb. 17, 2009. Dipert, senior technical editor at EDN, set up a ClearStream 50-mile, 10 dBi gain outdoor antenna at his home outside of Reno, Nev., on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada range. Dipert said his house is roughly 30 miles from the TV transmitters in Reno.

What is immediately apparent is that Dipert went to far more trouble situating his antenna than it would take to attach a cable box or have a DBS technician drop by. He was able to pull in several Reno stations, however, despite the mountainous terrain between his house and Reno. Similar to the Los Angeles area, where the strongest DTV signal appears to belong to KNBC-TV, Reno“s NBC affiliate, KRVN-TV provided a signal Dipert rated “excellent.”

His detailed results are available at his blog, “Brian“s Brain”.