BBC Technology and Quantel to automate news and sports

Quantel's news editing system

BBC Technology and Quantel will collaborate on the development of integrated, end-to-end digital newsroom production solutions for the global broadcast market. The two companies intend to supply broadcasters with a comprehensive digital environment for news and sports production.

Among the first collaborative projects for the duo is the centralization of video content for the BBC's newsrooms. The companies said their joint initiative would increase broadcast integration and create architecture for 24x7 automation. Solutions, according to the companies, are being developed that will comprise enterprise-level scaling features, powerful search tools across multiple broadcast centers, integrated archive facilities and a fully integrated desktop experience with Quantel editing at high resolution.

The pair is already working together on a BBC News project called "Jupiter." Its goal is to centralize the video content for BBC News. Quantel will supply the British broadcaster with a massive generationQ news system, which will act as a scalable server that combines broadcast and browse functions under a single database.

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