BBC Taps Optibase for Advanced Monitoring

BBC Monitoring, a worldwide provider of news and information, is using an Optibase MGW 2000 TV streaming platform in its advanced monitoring system. The Optibase gear was selected by Cambridge Imaging Systems, which partnered with BBCM to create a system that would simultaneously deliver live TV and audio channels to up to 120 users on the BBC Monitoring network.

MGW 2000 is a multichannel MPEG-1 and -2 TV streaming platform targeting larger companies with the delivery of video over IP-based networks by encoding up to six live channels in real time to MPEG-1 of MPEG-2 and uses multicast or unicast modes to stream over an IP network. Compatible streaming software creates a VOD and playback system for applications including training, news distribution and corporate communications.

Requirements included encoding of 5 Mb MPEG-2 video. Imagen storage servers are connected to the network and can provide 4 TB of space for 36 hours video and audio streams before that data is purged. BBCM monitors more than 3,000 radio, TV, print, Internet and news agency sources, translating from up to 100 languages.