Bangladeshi broadcaster broadens newsgathering reach

Somoy TV, a broadcast news organization in Bangladesh, has deployed TVU Networks’ TVUPack mobile cellular uplink systems for live electronic newsgathering (ENG).

Somoy TV is a 24-hour news network based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, that delivers live breaking domestic and international news. To expand its mobile ENG capabilities beyond using traditional DSNG vehicles, Somoy TV deployed TVUPack 3G/4G/LTE cellular uplink systems because of their flexibility, ease-of-use, picture quality and dual-encoding engine.

“As our need and demand for live broadcast grew, it was time for us to look for an alternative to our existing live remote newsgathering capabilities, which at the time consisted of DSNG vehicles and a laptop,” said Mohammed Akther Hossain, head of Admin and Operations, Somoy TV.

According to Hossain, the TVUPack, has proven to be flexible and allowed Somoy TV to transmit more live breaking stories. 

Somoy TV has used TVUPack to broadcast a number of important events throughout Bangladesh. One of the network’s greatest successes with TVUPack came as it covered the events surrounding the death of former Bangladeshi president Zillur Rahman in March 2012. As Rahman’s body was transported from the airport to the presidential residence, Somoy followed the funeral procession, broadcasting the events live from a moving vehicle with TVUPack.

The live broadcast resulted in unprecedented viewership for the network and received national attention, as the state-owned television channel BTV as well as 16 other television networks in Bangladesh picked up and relayed the live video as it was broadcast.

“This was a story of tremendous national importance, and because of our new ability to go live from a moving vehicle, Somoy TV was the only broadcaster able to deliver this compelling footage to the people of Bangladesh. The mourning nation was able to watch the story unfold, and it was all possible because of the TVUPack,” said Hossain.