ABA Teams With NeuLion for IPTV Delivery

Basketball fans have a new option for live and on-demand ABA games: NeuLion's IPTV service.

Basketball fans have a new option for live and on-demand American Basketball Association games: NeuLion's IPTV service.

NeuLion delivers television programming, including a growing slate of sports programming, to television sets and PC screens via a public Internet connection.

The ABA will offer Beijing Aoshen Olympian basketball games and other game footage via KyLinTV, NeuLion's Chinese media network, which has more than 25,000 subscribers across North America. In addition to ABA basketball, KyLinTV provides Chinese programming from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan broadcasters.

The Beijing Aoshen Olympian ABA team was previously based in Los Angeles, but will play the 2007–08 season in Singapore. KyLinTV will carry at least two games per week featuring Beijing Aoshen Olympian vs. U.S. or Canadian ABA teams.

NeuLion has previously launched IPTV networks for the National Hockey League, New York Knicks, National High School Coaches Association and others.