Axon Adds Lip Sync Analyzation to Test Pattern Generator

NETHERLANDS— Axon Digital Design has improved its Synapse 2TG100 with a lip sync generator and analyzer.

The 2TG100 is a dual channel test pattern generator, locked to a Black and Burst or tri-level sync. It can generate two fully independent test patterns in either 3Gb/s, HD or SD, and 16 test signals of embedded audio are also inserted. These audio signals can be sourced to the Synapse Quad Speed audio bus for discrete usage. External audio can also be inserted via this audio bus. The individual outputs can handle any format in the same frequency.

The add-on enables gives a visual indication of the timing mismatch and a reading in milliseconds. The audio tone produced can also be used to identify any swap within the 16 channels of embedded audio. A 5.1 specific tone sequence (blits) is provided as well.

Beside the original AFD, WSS and VI insertion, the 2TG100 now also includes an s2020 inserter/generator to verify blanking transparency and test this important metadata channel for discrete 5.1 infrastructures.