AWS, NHL Debuting New Advanced Stats for Stanley Cup Playoff Broadcasts

AWS NHL save analytics
(Image credit: AWS)

SEATTLE—Fans will be able to dive deeper into critical moments of the upcoming NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs with new advanced statistics that are set to debut via the NHL and Amazon Web Services’ partnership, which was previously announced in February.

There are two new advanced statistics that will be available during the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs—shot analytics and save analytics. Powered by AWS, the new stats use cloud technologies including analytics, serverless computers and media services to gather data from the ice in real time, analyze it and visualize it as graphics for fans to view during a broadcast. 

The stats are designed to illustrate player effectiveness on offense, a goalie’s success during different phases of the game and the evolution of player performance over the course of the game.

Specifically, shot analytics will highlight things like shot-to-goal conversion rates from different areas of the rink, as well as how teams and individuals take advantage of even-strength, power play and short-handed situations.

Meanwhile, save analytics will display how goaltenders perform against different team strength conditions; during different game phases or events, i.e. breakaways/shootouts; as well as success with making saves with their sticks, gloves, other pads or their body.

AWS says that the new stats will deepen fan’s understanding of team and player performance and provide more meaningful insights for commentators during broadcasts.

Shot and save analytics will premiere when the puck drops for the Stanley Cup Playoffs on May 15. It will be available all throughout the playoffs.