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AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon QuickSight Q

(Image credit: Andrzej Wojcicki/Getty Images)

SEATTLE—Amazon Web Services has announced the general availability of Amazon QuickSight Q and revealed that the National Football League is among the customers already using the product, which simplifies the process of data analytics by letting users ask business questions using natural language and receive answers with relevant visualizations that offer insights from the data. 

“Customers love that Amazon QuickSight makes it easy for them to perform advanced analytics without prior data science experience, and they’re using it in ways that are surprising and delightful,” says Matt Wood, vice president of business analytics, AWS. “Now, with Amazon QuickSight Q, anyone within an organization has the ability to ask natural language questions and receive highly relevant answers and visualizations. For the first time, anyone can tap into the full power of data to make quick, reliable, data-driven decisions to plan more efficiently and be more responsive to their end users.”

Amazon QuickSight Q currently supports questions in English and is generally available today to customers running Amazon QuickSight in US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (Ireland), and Europe (London), with availability in additional AWS Regions coming soon.

The National Football League (NFL) is among the customers that are already using the product. It uses AWS to power Next Gen Stats and track complex data, including player speed, field location, and movement patterns. 

“Amazon QuickSight Q allows both data experts and novices to have a more seamless and intuitive experience within Next Gen Stats. Content creators will now be able to ask questions similarly to how they would ask another person, and receive clear and customizable visual answers in return,” said Michael Chi, director of NFL Next Gen Stats at NFL. “QuickSight Q has the ability to significantly expand our research application’s userbase by transcending the traditional business intelligence user interface, allowing users to think through a question semantically rather than technically. NFL teams will be able to quickly get the answers they need to make decisions prior to a game, while NFL Network and broadcast producers will be able to get live game statistics for discussion points without requiring technical training. We are looking forward to expanding the use of QuickSight Q and making Next Gen Stats more accessible to everyone.”

Amazon QuickSight Q does not depend on prebuilt dashboards or reports to deliver visualizations, which removes the need for business intelligence (BI) analysts to update a dashboard every time a new business question arises, so anyone can ask their questions and receive visual answers in seconds, the company noted. 

AWS is also pitching the product as a solution for companies who don’t have the resources to handle the cost and complexity of traditional BI solutions. 

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