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AVocation Systems addresses HDMI routing issues

Distributing HDMI signals can be problematic, particularly since audio is generally sent to displays and at least one set of speakers simultaneously.

AVocation’s new 8x8 HDMI Matrix with Audio provides eight HDMI, analog (RCA) and digital audio (RCA) inputs and outputs that can be routed independently. If any of the HDMI inputs are routed to the HDMI outputs, an EDID/Key management systems corrects any latency issues that may arise. The system can also port audio from a single source out to multiple displays.

"It's crucial for us to be dialed in on what dealers are looking for in future products, and we can only do this by listening to them, and learning the problems that come into play when routing audio with HDMI," said Trent Mulligan, sales and marketing manager for AVocation Systems. "The HX-0808HA is an introductory piece that is the first in a line of upcoming products to address these problems. Our ultimate goal is to solve all the audio problems that can arise when distributing HDMI."

AVocation Systems can be found on the web or by phone at 1-877-805-6639.