Aviwest Gear Supports Denmark’s TV2 Production Vans

Aviwest HE4000 TV2
(Image credit: Aviwest)

SAINT-GREGOIRE, France—Aviwest recently collaborated with TV2, Denmark’s national TV station, on upgrading its satellite news gathering (SNP) and IP production vans. Installed in the vans are Aviwest’s PRO3 Series bonded cellular transmitters, HE4000 UHD/multi-HD video encoders, QUAD CellLink antennas and more to transition the vans to fully IP-based production workflows.

The Aviwest StreamHub transceiver platform has been deployed by TV2, enabling it to simultaneously stream to multiple destinations, including web, OTT and TV. StreamHub features Aviwest’s SST (Safe Streams Transport) protocol, which combines multiple algorithms, including FEC, ARQ and VBR rate control. StreamHub supports a range of streaming protocols, including RTMP, RTSP/RTP, HLS and TS/IP for distributing video content over the public internet and IP networks.

The HE4000 encoders and camera-mounted PRO3 bonded cellular transmitters, meanwhile, allow TV2 to remotely produce multicamera live stories and multiplatform contribution with up to five concurrent video streams. Camera control is managed through CyanView’s RCP, which is fully integrated with Aviwest’s tech. The setup also allows TV2 to stream live, on-the-road duplex interviews while also capturing live drone footage.

All equipment within an SNG and IP van can be fully monitored by TV2’s technical team.

“With Aviwest’s solutions, remote areas become more accessible,” said Jens Christoffersen, technical solution architect at TV2. “The equipment is more modular, compact and lightweight that [sic] what we were using previously, and we have the unique capability to support news helicopter feeds, if necessary.”

For more information, visit www.aviwest.com.